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The average person thinks at random; he has no clear design in his mind to which he can frame his thoughts. Most of his thinking is beyond control, chaotic and unorganized. This is why disappointment and failure are always near, for they thrive on indecision.

- Raymond Holliwell

What is a mindtamer?

A mindtamer is an individual who by their thoughts, feelings and actions demonstrates an uncommon level of grace and wisdom no matter what challenge they face. This comes from practiced orderly use of the mind and recognition of what is responsible for a person’s results. You recognize mindtamers when you see them. They exude confidence, achieve more in one day than some people achieve in a month and are givers. Everyone can learn to be a mindtamer. Our company teaches people how.

Convinced it is time for a new direction?

When you learn to be a mindtamer, you learn how your mind works, the relationship of your mind to your body and the 6 intellectual faculties at your disposal in shaping your dreams into reality. Become a mindtamer and sign up for our 8 week free group coaching program.

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Our Company

We are lifestyle and business coaching professionals
from various backgrounds who make it a practice to use our minds in a disciplined way and teach other people to do the same. This is not psychological counseling, medical or psychiatric care. We teach through live venues, conference calls and webinars. We help both corporations and individuals create their own success through the disciplined use of the mind. We carry people from the brink of possibility to the path of infinite probability.

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