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Every year we select charities that exemplify the application of MindTaming Principles and who have a really clear purpose through which they successfully operate. We give a portion of our proceeds each year to those selected for the year. When you see the pot of gold next to an offering you know you are putting money in the pot for charity.

It is hard to beat the 2008 charities! Check them out below.
Spiritual Healing
Physical Healing
Social Healing

512.852.HELP (4357)

MindTamers Monthly Podcasts

Our programs, webinars and appearances are often recorded.
We provide some of these as podcasts that you may own for a small donation to our Charity Pot of Gold.

The following podcasts are available for purchase:
Harness Your Mind's Power Harness Your Mind's Power

Release Date: May 4, 2009
Summary: Interview format reviews three universal laws, three planes of existence, seven levels of awareness and how habits form.
Length: 49:32 minutes


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Good Luck Prescription Good Luck Prescription

Release Date: May 5, 2009
Summary: Didactic format reviews paradigms around luck, four key steps to changing your luck, a picture of your mind, and six mental muscles.
Length: 53:38 minutes


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